Spectra Carbon Peel


What is Spectra Carbon Peel?

Also known as Hollywood Laser Peel or China Doll Peel, this is the go-to treatment for those who want instant flawless, brighter and plumper-looking skin in a quick, no-downtime treatment.
Perfect for an immediate skin glow pick me up pre-event.

It provides a light epidermal painless exfoliation, creating the instant glow. While the heat delivered to the deeper dermis stimulates collagen levels within the skin, giving the immediate pore tightening and skin plumping effect.

Regular treatments will provide additive benefits and longer-term benefits to the collagen levels in the skin.

Perfect as a pre-event treatment.



Spectra Carbon Peel


Suitable for all skin types.
No topical anaesthetic is required for this treatment. The treatment starts by applying the medical grade carbon serum to the face. Laser light waves are then applied to the skin, which activates the serum and shatters it into smaller particles. The laser vaporises the carbon lotion, exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging pores, breaking up melanin and reducing excess oil/sebum, leaving a youthful glow and vibrant complexion. Then, a warming and relaxing long-pulse laser is applied to target the deeper dermis, reactivating fibroblasts and stimulating collagen production.
This can be a single pick-me up treatment for instant radiant skin, however multiple treatments are recommended for best and long lasting results.
No downtime associated with treatment, you can resume normal activities immediately after.
You can apply make-up immediately after treatment, making it an ideal treatment to schedule before a special occasion. Use broad spectrum sunscreen daily and we ask you to avoid skincare with active ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs or Retinol for 24 hours after a carbon peel treatment.