The signs of sun damage pretty much combine those of pigmentation and ageing; rough irregular texture, fine lines, sun spots, redness and capillaries

In Australia due to the harshest conditions in the world we are world champions in sun damage and accelerated ageing of the skin and accelerated collagen loss. Studies have shown our skin shows the signs of ageing nearly 20 years earlier than our northern hemisphere counter parts.

It is imperative to invest in the best technologies to address sun damage as well as reverse age and restimulate environmental collagen loss in the skin.

We can reverse the signs of sun damage and restimulate collagen in your skin, taking your skin back 10 – 15 years.


We are experts at treating sun damage and skin ageing of the face, neck, chest, arms, back and hands.

We have yearly maintenance programs designed to take the guesswork out of maintaining your skin health and vitality. To help preserve and keep your results throughout the decades.

Treatment Options:

The earlier you start the more effective, as prevention ageing is now a possibility with our stable of technologies.

We are also experts at addressing menopausal skin and addressing the loss in skin volume, redness, dryness and restimulating your own skin’s collagen. We believe early intervention is prevention.

Sun Damage

dr.NC Cosmeceuticals, Concentrated Clinical Strength Skincare

Scientifically formulated skincare, putting the right concentrations of the right active ingredients into every single product. Our products are designed by an Australian dermatologist to combat the harshest UV conditions in the world. Each product delivers, addressing the six skin concerns: ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, acne and congestion, sensitivity and redness, and dehydration. On top of all this, it simply feels good and is easy to use. Boosted with niacinamide/B3.

dr.NC: Beauty Backed by Science.