Is a big problem in Australia as we have the harshest UV and environmental conditions in the world.

It starts in your 30s and continues to manifest.

Find the ideal treatment for your skin

Check out our combination of laser

layering packs to address pigment.

These treatments also have the benefit of rejuvenating your skin and reversing sun damage and ageing for total global rejuvenation.

The pigment will go a little darker in the initial treatment, then fades out of your skin over days.

Best results are achieved with 2-3 treatments.

These treatments work extremely well to treat pigment and sun damage on the neck, chest, arms, hand, shoulders, and back. Discuss your options with our laser specialist, as we offer packages when you do more than one area.

Sun damage

Global Rejuvenator

Solari IPL + LaseMD + Healite 830nm

Are you suffering from sun damage, pigmentation, dullness, ageing and lacklustre skin?

Out Damn Spot

HydraFacial + Healite x 2 (410nm + 830nm)

Clear up your skin drug-free in 35 minutes for instant glow and radiance.

Trifector/Skin Perfector

Hydrafacial + Carbon Spectra + Gold/Laser Toning

Recommended for acne, inflammation, rosacea, redness, early scars, brown spots, pigmentation, and giving skin a total global rejuvenation. 

let your skin achieve its full potential

Dr.NC Cosmeceuticals, Concentrated Clinical Strength Skin Care

Scientifically formulated skincare, putting the right concentrations of the right active ingredients into every single product. Our products are designed by an Australian dermatologist to combat the harshest UV conditions in the world. Each product delivers, addressing the six skin concerns: ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, acne and congestion, sensitivity and redness, and dehydration. On top of all this, it simply feels good and is easy to use. Boosted with niacinamide/B3.

DrNC: Beauty Backed by Science.


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